About Tweekly.fm

This service provides users of Last.fm and Twitter (or Facebook) with the ability to post their Last.fm statistics automatically once per week or ad-hoc. We also provide you with a profile showing you how many other users share your taste in music. You can find new people to connect with and comment on their most listened to artists.

If you would like to help us cover our running costs, please check out the donate page. Users will be provided with an ad-free experience if donating while logged in with a Twitter account.

In the Past

The original service was created by Simon de la Rouviere and began life in January 2009. Towards the end of its initial year, it encountered a few problems. From January 2010, Scott Wilcox took over the development and running of the service. The system has grown considerably since its early days and we're now thankfull being hosted by the kind people of Last.fm (special thanks to Laurie).

Looking to the Future

We're currently looking at options for a viable business model so that we can push into providing a more advanced service to all our users while keeping the same pro-active approach to our users. We're also looking at advertising partners, if you're interested then please contact us.

Using this Site

We try to make things simple to use here, but here a few pointers for messages that you may see around the site:

This is a notice, providing low level information.
This is an important information message
This is a warning message.
This is a critical error message informing you something has failed.

You should very rarely see the last two messages, and any time you do its automatically logged so that we can look into why it happened.


Service Information

All system are currently running well. Today's updates have not yet been sent out.

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